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2021 Fall Nail Ideas

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Summer is ending soon. How is your summer vocation going on? Do new nail art polish style? 

Autumn is coming now which is full of inspiration. Today I will give you guys some idea about fall nail.

Fall nail idea

There are some colors which are consistently thought as Autumn colors-oranges, navy, and reds. Although we often say that trends come and go, but every year we have the same warm hues greeting to welcome autumn season. As most of us are aware, these shades will always be and have been a safe choice for fall season, however with the ever-so-wide range of talented nail techs, try latest nail trends also good idea.

Floral nails

Dry flower

Flower for autumn- who would have thought lol, commonly know for spring, floral patterns with fall color nice for summer to fall transfer. It will catch others eyes, everybody love flowers right?

Egg print art gel

nail art gel polish OEM ODM

Autumn symbolizes harvest to harmers, egg also give birth to new life. So try egg patterns gel polish suits fall perfect!

Staple colors

If you don't like well-made manicures, then the staple, autumn shades are just as good. Stunning shades such as copper are the classics of this season and can be as exciting as nail art polish!

nail gel polish idea


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