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  • Are dip powder nails actually safe?


    Comparing with Gel NailsThe dip-powder nails is more durable than gel nails. With gel polish, you may still experience some breakage on your natural nails. The durability is much better, saying that the product is much thicker, causing less breakage.Comparing with Press-On NailsPress-on nails is a t Read More

  • A guide for removing your dip powder nails at home


    Step 1: FILE - Use the file to remove the shiny top coat of dip powder from the nail. Step 2: PREPARE THE BOWL - Separate the bottom of the bowl from the top and fill with warm water. Attach the top layer of the bowl and place an acetone soaked cotton ball in each of the finger indents. Step 3: SOA Read More

  • A step-by-step guide on using polygel


    What is polygel?Polygel can be described as a hybrid nail polish. It was initially formulated for professional nail technicians. Even though there are home kits on the market today, poly gel was not designed to be for the average everyday consumer. Read More

  • Everything You Need To Know About Gel Nail Polish


    Gel nail polish has turned into a modern beauty mainstay. It is highly glossy and virtually indestructible, and most salons offer it. The most enticing aspect of gel nail polish is that there is no risk of chipping the nail polish when you place your hands in your bag to check for something like a phone. The nail polish can last for several weeks. Read More

  • Top 8 private label nail polish manufacturers for 2022


    Whether you own a nail salon or nail school, or you want to create your own nail polish brand, it is important to find a reliable nail polish manufacturer that can provide the colors and effects you need for your nail polish range. Therefore, we made a list of several extremely reputable private label nail polish manufacturers for 2022. Read More

  • How To Find The Best Gel Nail Polish Manufacturer?


    It can be a challenge to find a reliable gel nail polish manufacturer that offers glossy, quality and durable products. To make your search process easier, we will share some top tips on how to find the best manufacturer or supplier. Read More

  • Polygel vs Acrylic Nails:Which is better for you?


    If you like having nice-looking nails, high chances are you have heard about polygel and acrylic nails, especially versatility and length of nail art and nail shape. But, which one would you prefer? I got you covered! In a real sense, there is a definite pro of acrylic nails. However, polygel nails offer an attractive alternative. Read More

  • What are the different types of Gel Nail Polish?


    Whether you go to a salon or get your own manicure at home, you will probably notice that there is more than one type of nail polish to choose from. Yes, there are actually many other types of nail polish worth knowing about, besides the traditional formulas you've been using since you were a kid. Read More

  • Mobray 2022 New Design Uv Color Gel


    Mobray New Design Uv Color GelRecently we have developed a new bottle shape which is more concise and beautiful, I believe your customers will like it.The outer packaging and overall shades fit the shades of spring as well as the upcoming summer colors.This uv color nail gel has a total of 108 color Read More

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