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  • Polygel vs Acrylic Nails:Which is better for you?


    If you like having nice-looking nails, high chances are you have heard about polygel and acrylic nails, especially versatility and length of nail art and nail shape. But, which one would you prefer? I got you covered! In a real sense, there is a definite pro of acrylic nails. However, polygel nails offer an attractive alternative. Read More

  • What are the different types of Gel Nail Polish?


    Whether you go to a salon or get your own manicure at home, you will probably notice that there is more than one type of nail polish to choose from. Yes, there are actually many other types of nail polish worth knowing about, besides the traditional formulas you've been using since you were a kid. Read More

  • Mobray 2022 New Design Uv Color Gel


    Mobray New Design Uv Color GelRecently we have developed a new bottle shape which is more concise and beautiful, I believe your customers will like it.The outer packaging and overall shades fit the shades of spring as well as the upcoming summer colors.This uv color nail gel has a total of 108 color Read More

  • 2022 Nail Trends


    2022 Nail TrendsRecently a lot of nail lovers, salon owners and wholesalers have asked me about the trend of nail products in 2022. Today, I will give you a simple forecast of the future trend. Whether it is accurate or not remains to be seen.1. Solid Cream Pudding GelIn 2021 I have already introduc Read More

  • Polygel Nail Kit: The Ultimate Guide


    Nail art has become a part of contemporary women's daily life, and having a beautiful nail makes them feel better. Therefore, we have launched a nail kit that allows you to easily get a manicure at home and double your confidence when you go out! Read More

  • The Difference Between Solid Pudding Gel and Uv Color Gel


    If you ask me what is 2022 Nail Trend? No doubt the answer is Solid Pudding Cream Gel Polish. Are you curious how it differs from normal uv color gel polish? Today I will introduce it to you guys. This is a brand new nail art technique and definitely worth a try!Five mainly differences between norma Read More

  • Mobray 2022 Spring Festival Holiday Notice


    The traditional Chinese New Year is approaching, 2022 is the Chinese Year of the Tiger, and I wish everyone a prosperous new year. Thanks to all our agents for supporting us.2021 is an important year for Mobray's rapid development, our market is expanding rapidly, covering South America, North Ameri Read More

  • How To Start Own Nail Brand WIth Mobray


    No matter you are brand owner, salon owner, reseller or nail tech. Feel free to enquiry us for details. Our professional sales team ready to discuss with your business. Read More

  • Mobray Xmas Biggest Sale in 2021


    Mobray biggest sale in 2021Time flying! 2021 is ending soon in one month. How is your 2021 going on? Not bad right? hahahah! Today i will introduce to you guys Mobray 2021 biggest Xmas sale!All nail gel products you buy from us can get a 20% off discount. Dip acrylic powder, extension builder poly n Read More

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