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2021 Nail Polish Hot Trend Extension Jelly Gel

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Summer is ending soon, how is your summer vocation going on? Do any new nail art works? 

There is no doubt that the most popular nail model this summer is the extension poly gel nail.

The most popular poly nail gel is none other than jelly gel polish. With over 16,000 posts and counting, the hashtag #jellynails is serving up the hottest trend in nail polish now. A driving demand in nail salons all over America from the statistics June~August.

extension poly gel nail wholesale supply_副本

Today I will introduce to you guys about this hot sale jelly gel. Our jelly nail gel features:

1. Eco-friendly materials

safety and security, free from carcinogenic benzene and irritating acidic harmful substances

2. Easy to apply & remove

apply with nail foam, remover with gel remover easily

3.Curing by LED Lamp

Use Mobray Led lamp 30~60s

high quality jelly gel

Color chart

5 color choice for you to choose from, pink, white, pearl pink, nude pink or clear color. You can also customize color you prefer just inform our sales your need.


Special service

We offer OEM ODM service, private label and customized packing also available in Mobray. Many clients enquiry us alreday, any interests feel free to enquiry us.


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