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2022 Nail Trends

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2022 Nail Trends

Recently a lot of nail lovers, salon owners and wholesalers have asked me about the trend of nail products in 2022. Today, I will give you a simple forecast of the future trend. Whether it is accurate or not remains to be seen.

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1. Solid Cream Pudding Gel

In 2021 I have already introduced solid cream gel 2 times, I won't introduce the product features here. The latest Google data shows that the search volume for solid glue has increased by 2500% year-on-year. It can be boldly predicted that in 1~2 years, solid gel polish will definitely occupy a large share of the market. Our factory has launched 4 series of solid gel series. Do you want to try free samples?

solid pudding cream gel

2. Press on nails

In fact, press on nails has been on popular for a while, and its convenient, waterproof, and nail-friendly features have been favored by more and more DIY enthusiasts. 

At present, our company has launched 2 new series, anyone interests could have a try for free sample just pay for shipping.

3. Nail Art Gel

With the increasing number of DIY nail art lovers, various art glues that show individuality are emerging in an endless stream, such as drawing glue, dry flower glue, and spider gel, which have won a certain market.

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