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Best Nail Gel Art Tools You Need to Know

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If you are a nail gel art lover and want to make beautiful nail polishes at home, then nail gel art tools are indispensable. Today I will introduce you guys to a few commonly used ones. All these nail gel polish tools can be purchased on Mobray.


1. Base & top coat

It is an essential item when you apply with color gel polish or UV poly gel. But many of you guys ignore them and just pay attention to nail polish. The base coat can actually protect your nails and prevent staining, while a high-quality top coat can keep your gel polish and prevent shrinking. The most important thing is that a top coat can help us deal with the bed nails that everyone is afraid of when we deal with bed nails. Now mobray have 7 series top & base coat. We offer a private customized label logo for our client's business MOQ 2000 pieces.

You can have more info here.

Base & top coat

2. Uv led gel nail lamp

When you apply with color gel polish or UV extension poly gel, you need to use a led or UV lamp for curing around 1 mins step by step. 2021 Mobray new release mini mouse lamp, more portable use, cover less space, only need to cure the 30s for nail gel polish. It is environmentally friendly, we offer 2 years warranty.

More details

Uv led gel nail lamp

3.Double side round nail file

When performing gel polishing, you need to lightly polish your nails so that the gel polish has a rough surface to adhere to. You should use a double-sided round nail file and make sure not to over polish your nails as this will damage the nails. In addition, if you apply gel manicure salon beauty, again and again, you actually only need to polish the new growth, not the entire nail.


4.Double-head gel polish brush

Recently we release a new gel polish brush with 2 colors choice. It is made of nylon, metal, and hair which more soft make your nails feel comfortable to use. Good quality use for a long time, very useful to poly gel. MOQ 200 pieces inquiry us for a free sample.

Double side round nail file

Welcome to leave a message for more information about nail gel polish. Mobray always brings the best service and items to our clients. Interests to be our reseller? Feel free to leave your inquiry!


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