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How To Start Own Nail Brand WIth Mobray

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About Us

Mobray is the leading manufacturer of Uv nail gel polish for the professional nail industry.

We have devoted to nail gel polish industry more than 10 years in China. We provide private label for numerous brands in more than 50 countries. Varying from international renowned brands to local market nail gel brand.

Uv Gel Nail Manufacture

Different Product Line

No matter you want start with one nail product line or different nail gel polish items, you can both available in Mobray. We have a chemist and an innovative R&D department.

Welcome to our production plant and headquarters if you will. Since the covid not convenient recently, we can also show our powerful production capability through cloud live.

wholesale supply nail warehouse

Bulk Packaging

Thanks to our in-house product facility we can offer large quantities order on time. We could offer you a competitive price with high quality nail items for bulk packaging. 

Strict Quality Control

We are certified according to Cosmetic MSDS, SGS, CPNP, ISO and our products comply to Cosmetic Regulations in EU and Non-EU countries. No worry the products can't sold and used in your country. All products can be deliverd in bulk packaging or finished items with OEM ODM production.

We guarantee all our items under strict quality control before delivering to our clients! We always bring best friendly nail beauty products to you.

No matter you are brand owner, salon owner, reseller or nail tech. Feel free to enquiry us for details. Our professional sales team ready to discuss with your business.

private label for nail gel


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