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Mobray 2022 New Design Uv Color Gel

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Recently we have developed a new bottle shape which is more concise and beautiful, I believe your customers will like it.

Mobray color gel polish supply

The outer packaging and overall shades fit the shades of spring as well as the upcoming summer colors.

This uv color nail gel has a total of 108 colors, of course, we also accept customized colors from customers, just send us the samples. Then our color grading engineer will do the follow-up proofing and color grading.

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1.Birght color lasts around 40 days

2.Environmentally friendly no hurt to fingernail

3. No shrink

4. East to apply

5.Both fit for professional and DIY in home

Mobray is looking for distributors now, welcome to be our reseller. We offer OEM & Bulk for your nail brand. Interests more info, just send us an enquiry here.


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