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Mobray New Poly Gel Series Starry Sky Kits

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Recently, we have released a new series of extension uv poly gel for the starry sky kits. Since so many our clients enquiry us for the details and price. So today I will introduce it to you.

Mobray New Poly Gel Series Starry Sky Kits

This extension gel series including 15ml 8 colors uv builder poly gel. 8ml Top & Base Coat. A double head brush.  Essential cleaning fluid and clamp. A mouse Led lamp for curing.

Features of this kits poly gel:

--Apply with PP mold to make various size extension nails

--Sticky and not flow

-- Fast curing and easy remove

--Lasts for around 4 weeks 


1.For professional use only. For beginners you could try our dip powder which more than 1200+ color choice

2.Avoid exposure to heat and sunlight

3.Apply carefully to prevent spilling on the nail surface

4.Keep out of the reach of children

You can have a look of our tutorials how to apply it

The ways how to remove your poly gel

First  of all trim your nail extension

Secondly File the nail surface to rasp the entire uv poly gel away

Then clean the surface of the nail with a wet wiper

Last but not least apply nutrient oil around your nail is ok.

New Poly Gel Series Starry Sky Kits

If you want to get more information, please leave us an enquiry. Other series like Crystal extension gel and little monster extension gel also hot in market!  Private brand logo and customized packing box could get. Mobray best team best service for you always!


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