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Mobray Xmas Biggest Sale in 2021

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Mobray biggest sale in 2021

Christmas hot sale nail gel supply

Time flying! 2021 is ending soon in one month. How is your 2021 going on? Not bad right? hahahah! Today i will introduce to you guys Mobray 2021 biggest Xmas sale!

All nail gel products you buy from Mobray can get a 20% off discount. Dip acrylic powder, extension builder poly nail gel, color gel polish and manicure tools all full of stock now! Don't miss 2021 biggest sale, take your bulk orders.

Mobray special professional poly nail gel sets with christmas element.  Including everything you need for diy manicure in home or salon.

Packing list:

1. 6 x 15g tube pack with poly gel

2. 1 x top & base coat

3. 1 x slip solution

4. 1 x nail gel tips (100 pieces)

5. 1 x nail art pen

6.1 x nail buffer

Christmas poly gel nail kits

Wanna start your nail gel brand? No matter you are reseller, distributor, nail tech, own brand or nail beauty academy.  You can feel free to contact us, our professional sales team will help you with your business. Just send an enquiry on our site would be ok. We always try our best to bring nail beauty to all over the world.


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