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New Art Nail Gel Polish in 2021

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Last week Mobray launched some new art nail gel polish. Some agents inquiry us about the details of our new release. So today I decided to introduce them to you guys.


It is both fit home use and salon professional apply. So I think your customers must love these gel polish and have a good selling market.


1. Dry flower nail gel polish

First of all, I will introduce dry flower gel polish, it has 12 color choices. It is Odorless and no yellowing. You can be shining around 30 days apply with it. Free sample available now, just inquiry us to get.

Application effect:

Dry flower nail gel polish

Dry flower nail gel polish wholesale


2. Painting Gel

Another new arrival painting art gel, it has almost no pungent odor and does not damage your natural nails a little bit. It is easy to apply and soak off.

More details:

Painting Gel 

Color chart:

Color chart


3 Spider nail gel polish

It has 6 colors for your choice. Its storage in 8g small black round bottle. It is pulled out unlimited creativity, a variety of silk lines, and painting methods. Portable and easy to operate.

Spider nail gel polish

The steps of using nail art spider gel

First polishing and clean your natural fingernail, then apply the base gel. Next, use our led lamp to cure around 30~60s. Choose a color gel to apply and cure again. Then apply spider gel polish to draw the pattern you prefer. Cure with a led lamp for 30~60s again. The final step is to apply the top coat and don't forget to cure it.


4.Super shinny diamond glitter gel

Finally, I want to introduce you to a dazzling art gel, which is very suitable for important occasions such as attending parties. Once you use it, everyone's eyes will be attracted by you. 12 colors are available, 8g per can. If you need a custom logo, the minimum order quantity is 1000 pieces.

Super shinny diamond glitter gel


Which model above you interest, feel free to let us know. Inquiry us for more information.

Mobray always brings the best service and competitive factory price for you. Welcome to be our distributor.


If you have any knowledge about nail polish, you can leave a message on our website for enquiry.


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