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New Dip Powder Starter Kits

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Hello everybody, long time no see. Last time I introduce to you cat eyes gel polish, then so many agents ask us to get free sample for test. I think today's Dip Powder information, you guys will be crazy!

5D cat eyes gel polish

Recently Mobray announced a new series dip powder starter kits for nail beauty lover, so many agents enquiry us about the details of this no need uv lamp cure gel polish. So today I will introduce to you guys.

dip powder kits

The features:

1.more than 100+ color choice

2.customized package and private label

3.very easy to apply, no need uv lamp for cure

4.Factory price suit for nail resellers

Package including:

1 x base coat & top coat

1 x activator

1 x brush saver

6 x 10ml dipping powder

1 x brush

1 x nail buffer

1 x nail-nourishment oil

dip powder starter

Tips to apply dip powder

1. Brush tip

You are need parallel to the nail brush to ensure the bristles do not press into the powder.

2. Shake the powder dip tank

Shake the soaked powder jar well before use to help you immerse in the water more easily.

3. Dipping ways

Always tilt at a 45-degree angle, and then pull it straight out. Do not push your nails onto the powder.

If you have interest feel free to let us know, we offer free sample for your test! Mobray as chinese best nail manufacture, always bring best nail items and service to our clients.


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