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Polygel Nail Kit: The Ultimate Guide

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Nowadays, women's pursuit of beauty is getting higher and higher. Apart from general skincare and make-up, many of them will choose nail art, beauty and so on. Nail art has become a part of contemporary women's daily life, and having a beautiful nail makes them feel better. Therefore, we have launched a nail  kit that allows you to easily get a manicure at home and double your confidence when you go out!

First, we need to understand what Polygel is.

1. What Is Polygel?

Polygel is a hybrid nail polish formula originally created for nail technicians (although there are now at-home kits on the market). It offers the best qualities of acrylics and gel nails. Essentially, it’s a nail enhancement made with acrylic powder and clear gel that can be used to give you the perfect set. It’s a malleable gel formula that can be moulded to your desired shape.

The all-in-one formula requires no ratios, mixing, or monomers, and is supposed to give nail technicians the ultimate power when it comes to shaping and overlaying your ideal nails. Polygel is particularly user-friendly because it doesn’t set until it is cured—meaning your technician can take their time creating the seamless nail look you’re after.

It comes in a bunch of different colours and finishes—just like your traditional nail polish. The gel is applied using an acrylic brush and can be placed over your natural nails the same way it’s added to tips or nail extensions. Once brushed on and shaped, it's cured just like gel polish with a UV or LED light.

As you can see, polygel is a hybrid nail polish formula, a malleable gel formula that shapes to your desired shape. A perfect fit for your fingers. Next, we take a look at what polygel nail technology is.

2. What is Polygel Nail?

Polygel nail technique is an approach that can take your manicure to the next level. It is similar to gel and acrylics, taking the good qualities of both but without the negatives. Polygel has a putty consistency and is applied to the nails and then smoothed with a flat brush. It is incredibly versatile and can be used as an overlay to natural nails or sculpted in the same way as acrylics. It requires no mixing or monomers and does not contain harsh chemicals. You are getting strong, flexible, and light nails that do not have a strong odour and will not harm your natural nails. They can be cured under an LED lamp or UV light, and are often clear, pink, or white, but can be mixed with gel or regular polish if you want to experiment with colours.

Polygel is a natural covering for your nails and does not contain any harsh chemical used skins that will harm your nails. So what's included in our polygel nail kit?

What is Polygel Nail 1 What is Polygel Nail 2 What is Polygel Nail 3

What are Included in the Polygel Nail Kit?

The polygel nail kit is including:

  • 6 x 15g poly gel tube package

  • 1 x 12ml base gel

  • 1 x 12ml top gel

  • 1 x 30ml slip solution

  • 1 x nail tips

  • 1 x nail buffer

  • 1 x double-headed brush

First, we learned about the Polygel nail kit and what's in the whole kit. Then we'll learn how to use the polygel nail kit.

3. How to Use Polygel Nail Kit?

Full set: For a natural look, Gonzalez-Longstaff recommends overlaying Polygel onto the natural nail. "It also works very well when shaping around the cuticle area, designing the most perfect linear construction," she says. Below, Lim outlines what you can expect from an initial full set of Polygel nails:

  • The first step is sculpting the natural nail into the desired shape.

  • Next, the cuticle (the thin layer of tissue attached to the nail plate) is removed and the nail plate is buffed.

  • Any debris on the nail is removed with a lint-free wipe soaked in nail surface cleaner.

  • Depending on the brand of the Polygel, this step will vary. After applying a dehydrator on the natural nails, either an acid-free primer is used or a gel base coat will be applied.

  • The nails are cured (dried) for a duration specified by the Polygel brand under an LED light.

  • Now, it's time to add the Polygel. A pea-sized amount is applied to the nail plate.

  • A brush is dipped into a slip solution (a solution that makes it easier to shape the Polygel) and used to pat down the Polygel and sculpt the nail into the desired shape and length.

  • The nails are cured again for 30 to 60 seconds. Again, this will vary depending on the Polygel brand.

  • The nails are shaped, buffed, and wiped with a lint-free wipe covered in nail surface cleaner.

  • A gel topcoat is applied.

  • The nails are cured for another 30 to 60 seconds.

  • Finally, the nails are wiped once more with a lint-free wipe soaked in a nail surface cleanser. The process is now complete!

How long does a manicure last after it has been done? Many girls want to know that, so let's find out about this next.

4. How Long Do Polygel Manicures Last?

Like dip powder nails, Polygel has become popular for quite a few reasons, but one standout, in particular, is how long it lasts. With the proper care and application, a Polygel manicure can last up to three weeks.

With some hand care, a polygel manicure can last for about three weeks. This is one of the reasons why polygel manicures are so popular. Now that we are talking about it, many of you must be wondering why polygel manicure is so popular and what are the reasons for it.

5. Why Polygel Manicures is So Popular?

  • There are two main similarities between Polygel and acrylic nails. Just like acrylic, Polygel enhancements don't usually need to be removed, the nail growth area can simply be filled-in with more Polygel.

  • Secondly, Polygel nails can also be applied on top of a nail form and sculpted to create an extension of the nail, just like acrylic. There are also several ways that Polygel nails differ from acrylic, and Polygel manicures tend to outshine acrylic nails for these reasons. "It has the strength of acrylic, but is lighter, stronger, and more flexible," says Lim. Because of this, Polygel nails are less likely to break off. Plus, as Lim points out, Polygel is easier to apply—it doesn't require the tedious mixing of powder.

  • Finally, Polygel is odourless and no chemicals are released into the air with the application.

Because of these benefits, polygel manicures are popular with many women. So are polygel manicures safe for nails? Let's find out.

6. Are Polygel Manicures Safe for Your Nails?

If applied and removed properly, Polygel manicures are perfectly safe for your nails. In fact, Polygel can be considered safer than other nail enhancements—like acrylics—as no chemicals are released into the air during application. But keep in mind that Polygel nails should always be removed by a professional.

It is therefore only natural that polygel nail  is both safe and good looking and is a very nail friendly product for women who love nail art. Finally, let's take a look at "How to choose the manufacturer of a polygel nail kit?".

7. How to A credible Manufacturer of Polygel Nail Kit?

1. Advantages of Price

Factory direct supply, more competitive price than other distributors

2. Advantages of Our Products

  • Flexible and Strong

    It's stronger, more flexible easier to control than other extension poly gel on market. Lighter than acrylic or UV builder gel. It makes your nails look natural and neat.

  • Long-lasting effect

    Our items could last up to one month or longer with proper nail pre(filling, buffering and cleaning).

  • Easy to use and Durable

    Our poly gel nail dries in only 60s with our led lamp which saves you more time.

3. Mode of Delivery

According to the needs of agents, there are different types of shipping methods to choose from, such as FedEx, DHL, UPS, TNT and large orders by sea.

4. After-sales service

No matter what difficulties you encounter, sales problems, product quality problems or troubles in the transportation process, our experienced salesmen will actively assist you to solve them. Our aim is not only to bring our agents the best products, but also the best after-sales service.


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