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Polygel vs Acrylic Nails:Which is better for you?

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If you like having nice-looking nails, high chances are you have heard about polygel and acrylic nails, especially versatility and length of nail art and nail shape. But, which one would you prefer? I got you covered! In a real sense, there is a definite pro of acrylic nails. However, polygel nails offer an attractive alternative.

gel nail

Besides, the most significant benefits linked to polygel nails over acrylic nails are that they are lighter, more flexible, safer, and more robust.

Without much said, allow me to take you through a comprehensive, quick guide, to help you understand deeper about polygel and acrylic nails.

What are acrylic nails?

Acrylic nails are nails made from a combination of powder and liquid, which is laid right over a nail with a brush. This mixture is applied to your nails, and then they will be shaped and filed to emulate the appearance of your natural nails.

After the acrylic nails are perfectly shaped, every nail will be painted using a regular base coat, then a nail polish color finished by top coat. The nails will be set right under the fan to dry.

The common shapes of acrylic nails:

  • Almond acrylic nails

  • Oval acrylic nails

  • Round acrylic nails

  • Coffin acrylic nails

  • Square acrylic nails

  • Stiletto acrylic nails

What are polygel nails?

Polygel is a new nail hybrid polish originally created for the nail technicians. This technique offers excellent qualities of gel and acrylics nails. Overall, polygel is a nail enhancement, which is made using clear gel and acrylic powder give a perfect set.

It comes with a bunch of various finishes and colors and applied using the acrylic brush. Essentially, polygel nails can be placed over someone's natural nails the same way it's added to nail extensions or tips.

Further, it requires no monomers or mixing and doesn't contain any harsh chemicals.With polygel nails, you will be getting a flexible, strong and light nails without strong odor or any harm to your natural nails.

And they are cured right under UV light or LED lamp, often white, pink or clear.

Tips for applying poly gel nails:

  • Wash hands using soap and warm water

  • Trim then shape your nails based on your preferences

  • Remove loose cuticles off your nail surface and do it gently

  • Clean your nails with alcohol to get rid of dust and oil substances

  • Buff your nail surface lightly using a fine buffer

  • Apply PH balance and dehydrator on nail and allow them to dry

What are most susceptible harmful effects of Acrylic Nails?

gel nail2

- Can damages your natural nails

Often usage of acrylics nails can easily affect your natural nail growth, weakening them and making them prone to breakage. Further, they can also dry your natural oils on the nails, and this makes them prone to splitting.

Besides, this is worse, especially if MMA is utilized,as it makes the nails get sensitive to trauma. In addition, acrylics can inhibit your natural nail growth; simply because your natural nails must be filed down so the acrylics can perfectly adhere to the nails.This removal process leads your nails to be soaked in the acetone, and this is effects nail growth.

-Increases fungal and bacterial nail infections

Whenever your nails get split, they are likely to expose gaps right between nail bed and nail. And this is the perfect environment for fungi growth and bacteria.

Therefore, constant usage of acrylic manicure increases infection risk due to repeated infections, which can make the treatment long and difficult. Overall, acrylic nails are proved to promote a quick growth of the yeast beneath in nail bed and gram-negative bacilli.

- Adds rigidity to your nails

Acrylic nails provide a very hard coating to your nails, and this result in rigidity, even to a point where your nails cannot bend. Unfortunately,rigidity to natural nails might lead infection, serious nail breaks, and even sometimes losing your natural nail.

The Benefits of the Polygel Nails

- Long-lasting

Polygel Nail services are common because they tend to last for long. This nails are resistant to breakage and prevent any nail cracking compared to natural nails.The safe chemical inside this nails makes them hard to last you for a long time after applied.When poly gel nails are applied correctly, they can last you up to three weeks.

-Protect natural nails

Polygel nails protect your natural nails right from any damaging effect of the enamels, among other agents.This nails help women with unhealthy nails,which break or chip easily. This aids to prevent a painful breakage, thus allowing someone to do things that you may not be able to do with natural nails without the fear of breaking the natural nails.


Polygel nails should not harm your natural nails. However, they should be applied and removed appropriately to avoid any mistakes, which might lead to harm to your nails. Essentially, these nails don't use the harsh chemicals; therefore, they provide a natural and glossier look.

-Quick drying

Unlike acryiic nails, drying time of polygel is quicker; it take around two minutes when dried in a UV lamp and 30 seconds in an LED lamp.

-Flexible and lightweight

When poly gel nails are applied correctly, they are flexible compared to acrylic nails.They don't crack or lift easily, making them sturdier even when compared to hard gels. Polygel feels so light on the nails, just like nail paint.

Polygel vs.Acrylics overview

There are several ways in which polygel nails differ right from acrylic nails. In this case, polygel manicures are outshining the acrylic manicures currently. Being stronger, flexible, durable, lighter,and safe makes the polygel technique excellent compared to acrylic nails. The reason why polygel has a large population is that it does not damage or ruin people's nails, as some acrylic nails do.

In addition, polygel does not need any mixing and is easy to apply.Acrylic nails are created with a mixture of monomer, powder, and acrylic liquid and this can even harm your natural nails. When applied,it serves you well and, when removed, leaves your nails fresh and ready for the next manicure. Overall,acrylic nails are the extension of the natural nail, while polygel can be applied directly to natural nails or used as an extension.

Final Word

Are you ready for your next manicure? If yes, then try polygel manicure. It an excellent tip you can have on your nail. Polygel is considered an affordable, safer, and durable option as it even doesn't have any strong odor that can affect some especially pregnant mothers.

However,ensure you do your own research to find a professional technician and salon with plenty of experience in this application.It would be more helpful if polygel is applied appropriately, following exact instructions for excellent results.


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