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Several Skills to Use Base Gel

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Applying base gel is a very important step in manicure. On the one hand, base gel can be used to protect our nails and insulate them and nail polish. On the other hand, applying base gel makes nails polish last longer on our nails and less likely to fall off. So now, let's take a look at how to use the base gel.

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How to use the base gel?

After cleaning your hands, wipe the nail with a nonwoven cotton piece dipped in cleaning gel or alcohol to remove the oil. Apply sunscreen to your hands, gloves or paper towels to prevent them from baking. This is for people who do manicures a lot. If you just do it once or twice a month, you don't need to do it.

Which step of the manicure is to use the nail base glue?

The following are steps of manicure:

First, use tools such as dead skin push, dead skin scissors and dead skin fork to remove the dead skin. Then, use sponge or nail file strip to polish and trim the nail. When polishing the nail surface, just polish it to the nail surface to see no luster.

Secondly, use clean water to clean grease and dirt on nails.

Thirdly, apply a thin layer of removable bottom glue. Use UV lamp for 2 minutes (LED lamp only takes 1 minute).

how to use base gel

Fourthly, scrub bottom glue on float glue, in order to avoid the flow of glue, glue shrinkage phenomenon. But you must pay attention to that: some bottom glue on the market do not need to be scrubbed, which may cause a problem to appear after scrubbing. So before using bottom glue, you must make clear the nature of the bottom glue at first.

Fifthly, apply a thin layer of colored nail polish, cure it for 2 minutes with UV light (30 seconds with LED light), and wrap it properly.

Sixthly, apply a second, thin layer of colored nail polish and cure for 2 minutes with a UV lamp (30 seconds with an LED). This step must be done perfectly.

Seventhly, apply removable sealing layer, and use UV lamp to cure for 4 minutes (LED lamp only needs 3 minutes). 

Eighthly, apply removable sealing layer once again, use UV lamp according to 4 minutes (LED lamp is only 3 minutes).  When applying the sealing layer, it should be noted that if the sealing layer is a scrubbing sealing layer, the surface of the nail must be scrubbed with clean water. Otherwise the expected holding time cannot be achieved. On the contrary, if it is a scrubbing sealing layer, it can not be scrubbed. In addition, if white nail polish glue is used as the main color of the nail, do not use the washless type sealing layer, which will lead to yellowing phenomenon. You should use the scrubbing type sealing layer.

Should nail slice manicure need to apply the base glue?

You need to apply base glue to your manicure. Because the adhesive is also a kind of phototherapy adhesive, is a transparent or light flesh glue containing bonding ingredients, the main use is the excessive intermediate layer of color glue and true armor surface combined with the color glue and true armor isolation layer. Because the base glue plays a binding role, there is no base glue color glue can not be combined with the nail, it is easy to drop.

Must the adhesive be used before the adhesive is put on?

Apply adhesive before applying adhesive. Adhesive makes nails drier by removing excess oil from the nail surface, so that the nail polish can be in close contact with the nail surface, and it is not easy to fall off. If the customer's nails are oily, this must be applied.

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