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The Difference Between Solid Pudding Gel and Uv Color Gel

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If you ask me what is 2022 Nail Trend? No doubt the answer is Solid Pudding Cream Gel Polish. Are you curious how it differs from normal uv color gel polish? 

Today I will introduce it to you guys. This is a brand new nail art technique and definitely worth a try!

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Five mainly differences between normal uv gel polish and solid pudding cream gel

1. Technology

Unlike uv gel polish, solid pudding gel polish are made through a special high pressure technique that keeps them in a solid state. Its true non-floating solid properties prevent leaks and make it easier to transport, store, carry and apply.

2. Texture

Regular uv gel may difficult for beginners due to its high fluidity. However, the solid gel polish has a non-floating creamy texture that makes it super manageable, smooth and satisfying.

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3. Application

Traditional gel polish come with a brush in the bottle. For solid gel polish, you need to use a UV gel brush to pick up the product and apply.

It is also a beginner-friendly design. You don't need to worry about using too much product, they will float on your sidewalls.

More importantly, its highly pigmented capabilities allow for beautiful color in just one coat. This means, your manicure can be thinner and more comfortable to wear. At the same time, it saves time and products.

4. Storage

You must have experienced accidental cracking of nail gel polish anywhere, which is very annoying and difficult to clean. Well, solid gel polishes won't have this trouble. They won't spill even if you drop it on the floor. These space-saving little jars are also super easy to store.

5. Function

Compared to uv gel polish, this highly pigmented solid gel polish is multifunctional. It can be used for monochromatic applications, nail painting, and other designs such as bloom. You can create a variety of nail designs with one gel polish. In a word, save money!

Solid Gel Polishing Application Tips:

1. Wet the UV gel brush with a little base coat before use, it is easier to apply and the effect is better.

2. Do not take too much product at one time.

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