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The Ultimate Guide for Cat Eyes Gel Polish

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Summer is coming. Want to catch other's eyes on your nails? Today I will introduce a new nail polish cat eyes gel polish.

cat eyes gel polish

What is cat eyes gel polish?

This is an innovative magnetic gel series that can turn our nail art into a charming cat-eye effect. A special magnet dedicated to cat's eye patterns will make tiny particles suspended in the gel form an amazing cat iris glow pattern.

How to create cat eyes effect

To create a "cat's eye" effect, you just need to hold the magnet close to the lacquered nail for 5 seconds, then cure it under the uv lamp, and you have an extraordinary manicure. The "effect" can be vertical, horizontal or diagonal, depending on the position of the magnet.

Mobray cat eyes series

1.5D cat eyes gel polish

We offer 2 package, kilos package and bottle package both available in Mobray. It take strong magnetic powder, fast cat eyes effect within 3 seconds. It is smooth and bright, no shrinkage. 12 color for your choice, 15 pieces per color start to order.

5D cat eyes gel polish

2.3D cat eyes gel

This is 5D cat eye gel basic seires but aslo attracted by a magnet, it presents a charming and sexy cat-eye effect. The adhesion effect is very strong, can keep 30 days without falling off, ultra-low odor, avoiding the irritation in summer. 

3D cat eyes gel

The ways how to apply cat eyes gel

1.First of all you need to wash your hands, use the dead skin pusher to push up and scrape away the dead skin on the nail roots, then use the gauze to polish the nails and rub them into the ideal shape to facilitate the adhesion of the uv gel on the surface.

2.Secondly apply base coat and cured by uv lamp in 1~2 min

3.Apply cat eye gel, no need uv lamp cure

4.Place magnet above nails for 5 seconds, be careful not touch the surface of nails then cure with uv lamp 1~2 mins again.

5.Last but not least apply top coat, cure by uv lamp 1~2 mins.

how to used gel polish

Mobray offer private brand label and free sample for test. If you interest feel free to enquiry us. We have professional sales to help you with business.

Other nail knowledge interest, leave message to us. Mobray always bring best nail items and service to our clients!


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