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Tips How to DIY Nails At Home

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Want to give yourself gorgeous gel nails at home-or are you just looking for a good gel nail set? Anyway-I got your friend!

Dip powder kits

You don't need to go to the salon to enjoy today's hottest nail trends. Although you may want to find professionals for certain styles (especially if these styles include acrylics, gels, or other expertise), there are still a lot of simple nails art trends that you can apply just at home by just being creative.

Steps to apply nails

1.Prepare nails. Start with a set of clean nails. Gently push back the cuticle. Use 180 grit sandpaper to polish the nail surface.


2.Clean your nails. Use a lint-free cloth (paper towel) soaked in 90% alcohol to clean the nails and cuticles of oil and debris.

3.Apply base coat. Apply a thin layer of base gel, being careful not to make this layer too thick. Use a brush dipped in 90% alcohol to remove any excess from the skin or stratum corneum. It is important to make sure that no product is baked on your skin, because your skin will fall off-those cells that bind to the product, which will cause the nail polish to fall off the nails and debris.

4.Under LED lamp Cure for 30s~1minutes. Follow the instructions on the lamp. Compared to uv lamp it save your more time and no hurt to your natural finger nails

led lamp for nail cure

5.Apply color. Apply the first layer of color polish. You will notice that the first layer of color is a bit streak and not very opaque-this is normal! Make sure to remove any excess on the skin and stratum corneum. Recommend you of our high quality XF series color gel

color gel wholesale oversea

6.Then Cure for 30s~1minutes.

7.Apply color polish and cure again with LED lamp 

8.Apply top coat and cure with led lamp. Be careful not to apply too much-it is very thin and the excess will run to the edge of the nail. Keep all polishes away from the edges and cuticles!

9.Brush the extra gel polish from the nails

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