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How to apply press-on nails like an pro

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Let us emphasize the fact that having well-groomed and flawless nails can instantly boost your mood. Even if you can't visit a nail artist right now, you don't have to compromise on a perfect manicure or attempt to paint your own nails. Press-on nails are an excellent alternative to freshly polished nails, and applying them with glue is easier than you might think.

How to Apply Press-on Nails Like an Pro


Not all nails in your kit are the same size. To ensure you choose the right nail, check the number on the back of the press-on. The largest size is zero, suitable for your thumb, and the smallest is 11, suitable for your pinky finger. However, size is not the only factor to consider. When selecting press-on nails, consider your everyday lifestyle, including shape, length, and nail designs. If you're between sizes, it's recommended to go for a smaller size to prevent the press-on from overlapping on your skin.


Similar to a traditional manicure, preparation is crucial, starting with thorough cleaning. After pushing back your cuticles to remove any excess skin, cleanse your nails with an alcohol prep pad to ensure there are no oils or dirt on your hands. This preparation helps the press-on nails adhere better. Press-on kits often include a pad, but you can also use a cotton ball soaked in rubbing alcohol. This step is essential for removing any existing polish as well.


If you're using press-on nails as a temporary solution, use the sticky tape that comes with the set. To extend the lifespan of your nails, which typically lasts five to ten days, apply a small amount of glue. Depending on your nail beds and lifestyle, you can sometimes wear press-ons for more than 10 days.


When applying press-on nails, position the nail close to your cuticle line and apply it at a downward angle. Then, apply pressure to the center of the nail and pinch both sides to secure the adhesive or glue.


Although it may be tempting to file the press-on nails as soon as you apply them to your natural nails, wait until you have applied the entire set to shape them. Always shape the nails from the sidewalls to taper them for a more natural appearance. Keep in mind that everyone's nail beds are different, and contouring is crucial for achieving super natural-looking nails.


Removing press-on nails is a fairly simple process. If you applied self-adhesive press-ons, you can remove them by soaking your nails in warm water with a little oil. If you used glue, the removal process is slightly different but still straightforward. Place an acetone-based remover in a small ceramic or glass dish and soak your nails for 10 minutes, or use a glue remover.


While some press-on nails are intended for single-use, there is a wide variety of press-ons that can be reused. If you're interested in a reusable set, give Static Nails a try. They can be easily removed and stored for future use.


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