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2021 New Most Hot Solid Gel Polish

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If you ask me which style nail gel polish is most hot in 2021, no doubt the answer is solid gel polish! The solid gel has been popular all over the world as it came out.

Today I will introduce to you guys, this new gel polish technology definitely worth to try!

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The difference between common gel polish and solid gel:

1. Technology

Different from rugular gel polish, solid gel is made by special high-pressure technology to make them in a solid state. Its true non-floating solid properties prevent leakage and more easy to transport, store, carry and apply.

2. Texture

Due to its high fluidity, common gel polish may be difficult for beginners. However, the solid gel polish has a non-floating creamy texture, making it very easy to control and smooth.

3. Ways to apply

The common gel polish comes with a brush in the bottle. You need to use a UV gel brush to take the product and apply the solid gel.

More importantly, its highly pigmented function can get beautiful colors by just applying one coat. This means that your nail beauty can be thinner and more comfortable to wear. 

4. Storage

You must have experienced the experience of accidentally breaking your nail gel polish, which is very annoying and difficult to clean. Well, using a solid gel polish will not have this problem any more. Even if you drop them on the floor, they will not overflow. These small space-saving jars are super easy to store.

5. Function

Compared with common gel polish, this highly colored solid gel polish has versatility. It can be used for monochrome applications, nail painting. You can make various nail designs with just one gel polish, which save your more money

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