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  • 2021 New Most Hot Solid Gel Polish


    If you ask me which style nail gel polish is most hot in 2021, no doubt the answer is solid gel polish! The solid gel has been popular all over the world as it came out.Today I will introduce to you guys, this new gel polish technology definitely worth to try!The difference between common gel polish Read More

  • Mobray Color Gel Nail Color Chart For 2021 Fall


    Recently our colorists have developed new color of color nail gel polish. Today I will share the latest developments with you guys. The hot summer has just ended, let's see if there are any 2021 new fall colors you would be like. Read More

  • How To Apply With Dip Powder


    In the beautiful world, nothing is more satisfying than flawless new nails. Nail polish and acrylic have been shining for a long time, today I will introduce you to the new thing of dipping powder.If you like to scroll through Instagram's beauty posts, or are fascinated by the weird videos on tiktok Read More


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