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5 Best Uv Nail Gel Polishes of 2021

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Gel nail polish has become the main cause of modern beauty for a reason: it is almost indestructible, impossible to shine, and it is available in almost every nail salon. But what is the most attractive aspect of the gel? The risk of polishing the polish is zero, not to mention that it can last for a few weeks.

The gel polish is composed of stronger ingredients, can hold nails better than traditional varnishes, and is strong enough to withstand daily wear and tear without chipping. Gel polish is more flexible, so it can resist debris. The gel is cured under ultraviolet light or LED light and polished in oxygen. The gel must be removed by soaking in acetone for at least ten minutes, while the polish can be easily wiped off with nail polish remover.

Mobray top 5 best selling items

The following products are the best selling items in Mobray which is a professional gel nail polish manufacturer in China. We speciaize in the production of high quality gel nail polish and other nail products.

1.Dip powder

Dip powder

If you are a person who cherishes time and loves the appearance of long-lasting nails, then powdered nails will be near your alley. The advantage of powdered nails is that they are more durable than gel polishes, last longer, and can be easily done at home.

--No curing with LED/UV lamp

--Lasts up to around 1 month

--Easy to do at home

--Mobray 100+ colors for you choose

2.UV builder poly gel

UV builder poly gel

Since Polygel does not contain monomers and has a heavier filling, it can prevent any unpleasant odors, thus ensuring a more pleasant experience. This is simply because PolyGel's formula incorporates acrylic powder to enhance the strength of the gel matrix, so it has no odor and faster processability.

PolyGel is also more flexible than acrylic, stronger than hard gels, and lighter than both, so you will hardly notice you are wearing it! Despite its light weight.

3.3D cat eyes gel

3D cat eyes gel

More than 1000 colors now available in Mobray. With strong magnetic powder, it takes only 5 seconds to attract a cat's eye. There is no settling problem in long-term storage. Better adhesion, smooth and bright without wrinkles.

4.Base and  top coat gel

Base and top coat gel

Not very eye-catching, but it is an essential part of the nail art process. You can get rubber/peel off and normal base gel. Non-wipen/Matter and rubber top coat offering.

5.Mobray CL color uv gel

Mobray CL color uv gel

24 colors for you to choose. Gorgeous color without shrinks.More easy to apply and soak off.

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