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How To Apply With Dip Powder

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In the beautiful world, nothing is more satisfying than flawless new nails. Nail polish and acrylic have been shining for a long time, today I will introduce you to the new thing of dipping powder.

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If you like to scroll through Instagram's beauty posts, or are fascinated by the weird videos on tiktok and youtube, you should have questions about what makes dippingh powder such a worthy choice of nail polish.

Dip powder nails are usually called SNS nails. Dip the nails in the colors powder and coat the top with a sealing layer, so that the shiny effect can last for more than a month. The dip powder will not cause any damage to your natural nails, so you can use it with no worry. Dip powder is also very easy to apply, suit for nail beauty lover starter use.

Tips how to apply dip powder

1.Polished your natural nails

2.Apply the moisturizing foundation gel then dip your figgers in it

3.Brush off excess dipping powder next apply a second coat of wetting powder

4.Dip the desired shape and brush off excess powder like before

5.Brush quick-drying agent and polished nails

Now we just release a new dip powder starter kits, you could find details from before blog post here. We have more than 300 color choice. Feel free to enquiry us for free sample for quality test before you make big orders with us.:)

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