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Mobray Professional Poly Gel Nail Kits Introduction

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2021 Mobray poly gel kits series

From 2020 to 2021, Mobray announce several professional poly gel kits series. It was very popular as soon as it came out. Our clients from the United States to Canada to Europe and Asia, the response is very popular in the market there. So today I will give you a detailed introduction to these sets of uv poly gel nail.

1.Little Monster Extension Poly Gel Nail Sets

Our agents kindly call it the "Big Eye series", well may be more vivid. You can choose 4 or 6 15g poly gel packs according to your needs, with or without LED lights. More than 60 color for your choice, you can also send samples to us for exclusive customization.

Mobray big eyes poly gel sets

2.Crystal extension poly gel kits

This series is the most consulted and purchased by our clients. many customers even need OEM ODM service and put on their custom labels.

This crystal poly gel kits feature:

--Apply with PP mold to make various size extension nails

--Gel is sticky and not flow

--fast dry shining time lasts 30 days

package including:

--4/6 x 15g poly gel with tube pack

--1 x 12ml base & top coat gel

--1 x slip solution

--1 x nail tips (100 pieces)

--nail double head pen

--1 x nail buffer

crystal poly gel nail kits

3. Starry sky poly nail gel kits

I just introduced this series 2 months ago, so I won't talk more about it here. There is only one thing, this package design is really exquisite, giving a feeling of fantasy and relaxation lol.

Mobray new poly gel nail sets wholesale

All these poly gel sets series could enquiry us for your customized package and silk print. Feel free to send Mobray enquiry, we always try our best to help develop your nails business.


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