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What is UV Gel Polish?

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UV gel polish is a kind of nail gel whose main component is synthetic resin, which is non-toxic and harmless to the human body. Although it has the same effect as ordinary nail polish, the product composition and usage method are different. Each coat of nail polish must be dried and cured by a UV lamp. With the increasing demand of beauty lovers for environmental protection and safety, most people have begun to choose nail polish instead of traditional nail polish. The market share of UV gel polish has also increased rapidly.


UV gel classification

1. Pure uv color gel

Pure uv color gel

It is colorless, odorless and environmentally friendly. Easy to apply and no yellowing.


2. Cat eyes uv gel

Cat eyes uv gel

A new technology in the evolution of uv gel polish. Under the reflection of light, a light band like a cat's pupil appears, that is, a narrow and bright reflection appears on the surface, the effect is like an opal, so name it.


3. Function gel

Function gel

Such as ice uv gel, temperature change uv gel, printing uv gel, etc. They all could get in Mobray. 


Apply uv gel tips:

1.Nail surface treatment

First of all you need to wash your hands first, use the dead skin pusher to push up and scrape away the dead skin on the nail roots, then use the gauze to polish the nails and rub them into the ideal shape to facilitate the adhesion of the uv gel on the surface


2.Brush base coat gel

Apply a layer of base coat gel before applying uv gel to protect the surface of the nail from damage and enhance the gloss and fullness of the nail


3.Brush UV gel

Brush two layers of color gel to enhance the richness of the nail polish color. Each time you brush the color gel, you need to cure it with a uv lamp for about 1 minute to achieve the curing effect.


4.Top coat

The last process of nail beauty art is to apply a layer of top coat gel, which can increase the brightness and transparency of the nail and maintain the color of the nail.


Now you could get 1000+ colors uv gel in Mobray. We offer OEM/ODM service, 12ml/bottle or customzied volume. It is easy to apply and soak off. Gorgeous color and  fast dry. Our uv gel can shining lasts for 30 dyas.

If you interest could try our free samples first, feel free to leave comments or send an inquiry.


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